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The 17th of August ...

Birthdates which occurred on August 17:

1601 Pierre de Fermat mathematician who needed wider margins
1786 Davy Crockett US, frontiersman/adventurer/politician
1840 Wilfrid Scawen Blunt England, writer (Irish Land League)
1844 Menelik II King of Ethiopia (1896-1913)
1870 Frederick Russell developed 1st successful typhoid fever vaccine
1876 Eric Drummond 1st Secretary-General of League of Nations (1919-33)
1887 Marcus Garvey began back-to-Africa movement among US blacks
1888 Monty Wooley NYC, actor (Pied Piper, Man Who Came to Dinner)
1892 Mae West Bkln, actress (Go up & see her sometime)
19-- Emily Schulain
19-- Guy Killum LA Calif, actor (Snake-Better Days)
19-- Julianna McCarthy actress (Young & Restless)
19-- Kathy McNeil actress (As the World Turns)
19-- Kenji Hino rocker (RU Ready)
19-- Steven Gorman rocker (Black Crowes-Shake Your Money Maker)
1900 Quincy Howe Boston Mass, newscaster (CBS Weekend News)
1901 Henri Tomasi Marseilles France, composer (Don Juan de Ma¤ara)
1905 John Hay Whitney publisher (NY Herald Trib 1961-67)
1914 Franklin D Roosevelt Jr son of FDR/(Rep-D-NY, 1949-55)
1918 Mort Marshall NYC, actor (Cully-Dumplings)
1920 Georgia Gibbs Worcester Mass, singer (Ballin the Jack, Kiss of Fire)
1921 Maureen O'Hara Dublin Ireland, actress (Miracle on 34th St)
1922 Ralph Roberts NC, actor (Tradition, Gone are the Days)
1923 Larry Rivers modern/abstract painter (Wash crossing Delaware-1953)
1926 Haakon Barfod Norway, yachting (Olympic-gold-1948, 52)
1927 Robert Moore Detroit Mich, actor (Marshall-Diana)
1929 Francis Gary Powers US spy (USSR captures him in 1959 U-2 incident)
1932 Chet Allen Chickasha Okla, actor (Jerry-Bonino, Slats-Troubleshooter)
1932 V.S. Naipaul Trinidad, novelist (Middle Passage)
1939 Luther Allison Arkansas, guitarist (Bad News is Coming)
1940 Thomas Williams US, ice hockey play (Olympic-gold-1960)
1941 Boog Powell baseball player (AL MVP 1970)
1943 Robert De Niro NYC, actor (Bang the Drum Slowly, Taxi Driver)
1943 Yukio Kasaya Japan, 70m ski jumper (Olympic-gold-1972)
1951 Alain Mimoun France, marathon runner (Olympic-gold-1956)
1951 Alan Minter England, light-middleweight boxer (Olympic-bronze-1972)
1952 Kathryn C Thornton Montgomery Alabama, PhD/astronaut (STS 33, sk: 49)
1953 Kevin Rowlands rocker (Dexy's Midnight Runners-Come on Eileen)
1958 Belinda Carlisle Hollywood Ca, (GoGos lead singer, Heaven on Earth)
1960 Sean Penn actor (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
1963 Carmen Berg Bismark ND, playmate (July, 1987)
1965 Glen Goldsmith rocker (What You See is What You Get)
1969 Donald E Wahlberg Jr, Boston, rocker (New Kids-Hangin' Tough)


Deaths which occurred on August 17:

1850 Jos‚ Francisco de San Martin South American revolutionary hero, dies
1915 Leo Frank lynched for raping 12 year old in Georgia
1920 Ray Chapman hit in the head by Yanks' Carl Mays pitch, dies
1971 Horace McMahon actor (Martin Kane Private Eye), dies at 64
1973 Conrad Aiken Pulitzer winning poet, dies at 74
1975 Sig Arno Hamburg Germany, actor (My Friend Irma), dies at 80
1976 William Redfield actor (Jimmy Hughes Rookie Cop), dies at 48
1979 Vivian Vance actress (Ethel Mertz-I Love Lucy), dies at 72
1982 Barney Phillips actor (Dragnet, Felony Squad), dies at 68
1983 Ira Gershwin lyricist, dies in Beverly Hills, Cal, at 86
1987 Rudolph Hess Nazi, dies at 93, after 46 years in Spandau Prison
1988 Franklin D Roosevelt Jr (Rep-D-NY, 1949-55), dies on 74th birthday
1988 Mohammad Zia Ul-Haq pres of Pakistan (1978-88), dies at 63 in plane crash
1990 Pearl Bailey broadway actress/singer, dies at 72 from a heart attack

On this day...

682 St Leo II begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1787 Jews are granted permission in Budapest Hungary to pray in groups
1807 Robert Fulton's steamboat Clermont begins 1st trip up Hudson River
1846 US takes Los Angeles
1858 1st bank in Hawaii opens
1863 Federal batteries & ships bombard Fort Sumter, Charleston
1869 1st international boat race (Thames River) (Oxford beats Harvard)
1870 1st ascent of Mt Rainier, Washington
1870 Mrs Esther Morris becomes 1st woman magistrate (South Pass, Wyoming)
1876 The opera "G”tterd„mmerung" is produced (Bayreuth)
1877 Asaph Hall discovers Mars' moon Phobos
1894 Phils get 36 hits, Sam Thompson hits for cycle beating Louisville 29-4
1896 Gold is discovered on Klondike River
1904 Boston's Jesse Tannehell no-hits Chic White Sox, 6-0
1908 Bank of Italy opens new HQ at Clay & Montgomery
1915 Mob lynches Jewish businessman Leo Frank in Cobb County, Ga after death sentence for murder of 13-year-old girl commuted to life
1918 Samuel Riddle buys Man o'War for $5,000
1933 Lou Gehrig breaks record by playing in his 1,308th straight game
1938 Henry Armstrong won his 3rd concurrent boxing championship
1939 "Wizard of Oz" opens at Loew's Capitol Theater in NY
1940 FDR & Canadian PM William M King agree to joint defense commission
1942 US bombers staged 1st independent raid on Europe attack Rouen, France
1944 Yanks Johnny Lindell ties record with 4 consecutive doubles in a game
1945 Indonesia declares independence from Netherlands (National Day)
1948 Alger Hiss denies ever being a Communist agent
1948 Phillies commit 8 errors in a game
1950 Indonesia gains independence from the Netherlands
1951 Hurricane winds drive 6 ships ashore, Kingston, Jamaica
1955 Hurricane Diane, following hurricane Connie floods Connecticut River killing 190 & doing $1.8 billion damage
1958 World's 1st Moon probe, US's Thor-Able, explodes at T +77 sec
1959 7.1 quake strikes Yellowstone National Park
1960 Francis Gary Powers U-2 spy trial opens in Moscow
1960 Gabon gains independence from France (National Day)
1961 Building of the Berlin Wall begins
1961 Kennedy administration establishes Alliance for Progress
1962 Beatles replaces Pete Best with Ringo Starr
1962 E German border guards shot & kill Peter Fechter, 18, attempting to cross Berlin Wall into western sector
1963 Jim Hickman becomes the 1st NY Met to hit for the cycle
1963 Oriole's Dick Hall retires his 28th consecutive player in relief
1966 Pioneer 7 launched into solar orbit
1969 Hurricane Camille claims more than 250
1969 NY Jets beat NY Giants 37-14 in their 1st meeting (pre season)
1970 Venera 7 launched by USSR for soft landing on Venus
1972 Phillies Steve Carlton wins his 15th straight game
1973 Lee Trevino's 1st hole-in-one
1978 1st manned balloon crossing of Atlantic Ocean (Eagle II)
1982 LA Dodgers beat Chicago Cubs, 6-5, in 21 innings (game completed 8/18)
1982 South Bend, Ind jury acquits self-avowed racist Joseph Paul Franklin
1984 Pete Rose returns to Cin Reds as player-manager (gets 2 hits)
1985 Dave Kingman hits his 400th HR
1985 Rajiv Gandhi announces Punjab state elections in India
1986 Bronze pig statue unveiled at Seattle's Pike Place Market
1987 Dow Jones Industrial Avg closes above 2,700 for 1st time (2,700.57)
1988 Butch Reynolds of USA sets the 400m record (43.29) in Zurich
1988 LIRR says Penn station will get air conditioning in 1991
1988 NYC 1st case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (9 year old Bronx boy)
1990 "The Exorcist 3" premiers
1990 Phyllis Polander sues Mike Tyson for sexual harassment

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