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Peter Sheil

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Monday morning ... [Jul. 29th, 2002|08:10 am]
Peter Sheil
Woke up at 3 AM this morning ... my internal clock is still screwed up from the week in Canada :) My foot is still painful - not sure of the cause, it started while I was away. I went to casualty yesterday and after a relatively short wait (1 hr 45 minutes) the doctor said it is either:-
a. strained tendon
b. arthrites (sp?)
c. gout
I have to keep it raised and take ibuprofen as a pain killer and anti-inflamatory. Erm ... well I'll try with the "keep it raised" but it is a bit hard at work. I'd half hoped he'd say to stay at home for a few days, but no such luck :(

Anyway, today is Monday, and it actually doesn't feel too bad to be back working, apart from my foot. Hope all of you have a good Monday as well.

May your deity bless you today.