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Peter Sheil

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Motorway blues [Jul. 18th, 2002|09:50 pm]
Peter Sheil
A few days ago I saw a bent car at the side of the M3 and a little further along a bend in the central crash barrier where the car had bounced and fortunately stayed on the other side of the road. Tonight there was a 4 car crash a short way ahead of me. it didn't look as if anyone was hurt seriously but there were 2 cars left in the fast lane and 2 others at the side of the road. At the moment I do 100 miles a day - mostly on the M3.

M-way barrier,
Bright, white - shiny new metal.
Yesterday it bent.

Twisted, misshapen,
Curved towards my fast lane
Reflecting a car.

Hard shoulder parking.
A driver reflecting on
Man’s fragility.

Crumpled crumple zone.
Engine seeing setting sun
light in my eyes blinds.