Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Life ...

Driving in to work today there was heavy spray on the motorway. Since I didn't have to be in as early as usual I was driving slowly and leaving plenty of room. Some of the other drivers though ... it doesn't bear belief. Driving so close and fast that if there was any problem they'd have trouble stopping without hitting the car in front. And why oh why do some people drive right behind big lorries? It reduces visibility, increases the amount of spray and generally makes it harder to get out into the next lane as you cannot speed up to match speed with the next lane to fit into a smaller gap.

My car is in for a service today ... 90,000 mile service at 92,000 ... ho hum. The guy who drove me from the garage back to my work agreed that the brakes need attention ... the first time he braked he nearly didn't stop at the junction :) At least as a company car I don't have to worry about paying for it all ... the tax implications for it are however not so nice sometimes. Last year because of a mix up by my company I ended up with a £1,800 tax bill :(

OK, better get on with "real" work for a while. Access databse design - I'd tell you what it does but then I'd have to kill you to preserve the secrecy :))) I don't get to see the real data it will be working with ... and I have security clearance so go figure.

Peace and prosperity
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