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Warning: New spam e-mail [Jul. 4th, 2002|02:25 pm]
Peter Sheil
from my work ops guys.

Please be aware of a new spam e-mail that is circulation.
Please do NOT click on anything going to funnycard.net - this is a spam site trying to collect e-mail addresses and they try to change your home page.

The symptoms of this spam e-mail are: the possible spreading by e-mail using Microsoft Outlook Address Book/Contacts list.

If you receive an email with following information please delete it. Do not open any attachments and do not pass it on.

Subject: Fwd: Message from xxxxx via the FunnyCard Network'

(NB. xxxxx is the name of the email sender)

[User Picture]From: acoolsecretary
2002-07-04 08:59 am (UTC)
Peter thanks, I did get this, but I immediately DELETE anything that doesn't have a recognizable name of a friend on it!
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[User Picture]From: petersheil
2002-07-08 12:06 am (UTC)

Good idea ...

That's a good idea, but do remember that a lot of the e-mail viruses actually send themselves out to everyone in an address book so they will look like they came from a friend.

Practice safe computing - have a virus scanner and keep the virus definitions up to date at least every week.

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[User Picture]From: acoolsecretary
2002-07-08 06:12 am (UTC)

Re: Good idea ...

Yea, I cracked up because they actually used the name of a good friend of mine in Washington.
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