Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil


I got in to work a bit early today - not to watch the football, but to make sure I got a space in the car park at work! By 7.30 it was almost half full. If there are no spaces in the company car park then I have to use a local public car park and that costs almost 5 pounds (and I cannot claim it back 'cos this is my base office). As to he ame ... well most people who ae in seem to have gone to the room with the TV. No groans or cheering so I guess it's still 0-0.

There was a mosquito buzzing around inside the car on the way in today - nasty! I tried opening windows as it got near them, but it seemed determined to just buzz around in front of me. Eventually it settled on the windscreen and I took a swipe at it. I think it is dead - if not it will have a sore head :) It is actually quite dangerous trying to concentrate on both the road and the movements of a mossie.

The weekend
I am going sailing this weekend, although not quite what we had originally planned. As there is a race around the Isle of Wight we will go somewhere else. Keeping out of the way of some 1-2 thousand racing boats is not my idea of a fun and relaxing sail! Instead we will probably head east off into the rising sun ... well alright actually it will probably be falling drizzle but it will still be fun.

Take care people, and have fun yourselves.
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