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some real news

hey, I know you Amercans don't see much outside your borders ;) so here are a few links from the BBC

* Enron opts for bankruptcy *
The once-mighty US energy firm is firing 4,000 staff in the first stage of its
attempt to avoid total collapse.
Full story:

* US goes cheap car crazy *
A rush for discounted cars gives US consumer spending a record boost, but job
losses and factory problems could spell trouble ahead.
Full story:

* Gloom deepens in UK economy *
The economic slowdown in the UK is getting worse with the manufacturing sector's
problems spilling over into the service sector.
Full story:

* US tightens security on Canada border *
The US and Canadian governments are to increase security on their shared border
following the 11 September attacks.
Full story:

* Embryo clone leads to fall-out *
An editorial advisor to the online journal that published details on the "first
human embryo clones" is resigning.
Full story:

* Scrap bad dams urge Greens *
Conservationists say politicians should be prepared to phase out dams that do
not work.
Full story:

* Tiny gecko is 'world's smallest' *
A gecko measuring just 1.6 centimetres in length is described as the world's
smallest reptile.
Full story:

Sorry they are not "real" links - this was a quick cut and paste job

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