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Fraud Warning

I recently posted this as a reply to someone - but just to give it a broarder airing I'll re-post it here. It is UK specific, but I'm sure your local police force will have a similar section. The basic scam is to get you to pay the fees neded to move some money out of a (typically African) country. The hook is that you get 10% of the money to be transferred.

Even replying using company stationary has caused problems as that stationary whas then been mis-used as purporting to come from you when it has been altered.

Be warned!

Your attention is drawn to the following:
The Police are receiving increasing numbers of reports concerning 'advanced fee fraud'. The following advice has been drafted with the assistance of the National Criminal Intelligence Service(NCIS).

'419' Letters are distributed by post, fax and email. In a typical '419' (advanced fee fraud) letter, the author purports to be a senior government or central bank official who has managed to over inflate a contract, generating a personal profit. In return for help smuggling money out of the country, the recipient is offered a percentage, usually between 10% and 30%. At first no money is requested but once a victim has been drawn in, requests are made for legal and administrative costs. Victims have lost hundreds of thousands of pounds in some cases.


NCIS has hundreds of examples of people being duped out of thousands of pounds. Companies who have sent polite letters of refusal have their letterheads abused.

If you do receive a 419 letter, fax, or e-mail please report it to your local police station who should forward it to their local fraud squad.

The National Criminal Intelligence Service, West African Organised Crime Section however wish to hear from any individuals who have actually lost money as the result of these scams. All enquiries will be treated confidentially. Please contact them directly by phone on 020 7238 8012.

Further information can be found at

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