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TrafficMaster [Nov. 14th, 2001|04:10 pm]
Peter Sheil
Here is a link to a site which shows traffic delays on motorways and some main roads in the UK

View the traffic

In the mornings I go from the SW end of the M3 to junction 4, and back in the evenings, so now you can tell how bad the journey was :)

On Thursday I'm going from SW end of M3 all the way to M25, then clockwise around to the A1M and finally north to Stevenage. Fun :)

I've actualy got the system in the car - it speaks when there is a traffic delay, usually something like "You are on M3 east bound near junction 4a. Severe delays between junctions 5 and 2. Expect 35 minutes delay". It seems to manage this just /after/ a suitable turn off point as I reach the stationary traffic. :)