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News update [Sep. 25th, 2007|09:15 am]
Peter Sheil
So, I would have posted yesterday evening, but Joe's ISP has decided to block internet access completely and the contact number they give shuts at 7 PM ... and no one else in the district has an open wireless network. [sigh] It wouldn't be so bad, but this is the one week in three I'm providing 24/7 support to one of our clients.

Anyway, the news:

Monday (last week) - water pours through the ceiling at work for the third time this year. Fortunately it just missed most of the computer kit nearby and this time the smell was only mildly sickening.

Thursday - took half day leave as we had the AGM for my Morris side - meeting went well.

Friday - shopping in Southampton - new camera bag, filters, spare battery for my Sony alpha-100 (and how expensive are they!) - free new phone from O2 'cos I renewed my contract with them - load of books (mostly for Mary ... OK a /few/ were for me, I admit it :) )

Friday evening - meet Derek and Chris over from Canada and not seen for something like 20 years - had great meal with Tony and Angela, and Mike (Derek, Tony, Mike and I were at college together)

Saturday - supported global warming by destroying a glacier ... my freezer was threatening to take over the world kitchen :)

Sunday - washing, packing, gave Mary the books, drove back to Cardiff

Right, better get on with my work :)