Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Dear xxxxxx (client name withheld to protect the guilty)

Yes, I am still here at 7.30 PM, half an hour after your own helpdesk staff leave. Well you remember I said I had to change the login information held for those services and batch jobs? Well I forgot about the disk shares, and that's where the whole ball of string came unravelled. Since you didn't want me to stop the application, all the processes were running on the older version of the credentials (that is the login id YOU deleted) and to be fair to them they were doing fine right up to the moment I set the disk shares to have their permissions based on the new login id ...

I'd like to thank you for the opportunity to reboot your servers remotely, I've always wanted to do something like that, and for the stress of watching them from one of the servers I wasn't rebooting: sending out "ping" requests and wondering why they were still there, then the joy of seeing them go ... and the sudden realisation that I wasn't sure they would ever come back, and then the joy of getting a response from them several minutes after I expected them to be back, the frustration of waiting for the remote desktop session to connect. Ah yes, I wish I could do this every day.

Now I've checked all the bits I can from this end, and your helpdesk guys confirmed it worked for them, and I even remembered to reenter the password for a bunch of overnight / weekend batch jobs I didn't do earlier, so can you please try not to break it before I get back in the morning?

Thank you very much.
Love and kisses

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    Just popping in to delete spam posts ... this is the only reason I come here nowadays. Peace peter

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    Nothing great or surprising, just a note to say I'm alive and far more likely to be found on facebook. Peace peter

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    For the record, you can find me on facebook ... I only pop back here to delete spam from old posts :) Peace peter

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