Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Water, water everywhere ...

It seems that last Wednesday, in a storage unit in north London, a rain water pipe blocked during a very heavy rain storm and a stream of water flowed into the storage areas ... one of which was mine!

A lot of my things were in plastic boxes, thank goodness, but ... two cardboard boxes of books, five second-hand PCs and a large Philips reel-to-reel tape recorder were at ground level and got wet. The company phoned me on Friday to tell me the "good" news. I managed to get to the unit on Saturday, not expacting a real problem and then went back on the Sunday to recover the books.

At the moment the books are spread out around my flat, Joe's bungalow and in a box in my car, all wrapped in kitchen roll. Some of the books are not too bad, the hard-back Terry Pratchetts have water stains, but are mostly drying OK, if a little wrinkly; the paper-back books are a completely different story :( I don't think they will survive. I am hoping the copies of the Encyclopedia Britanica "Yearbook of Science and the Future" from the 1960s, 70s and 80s will survive 'cos I think they are not replaceable!

I'll leave the stories of the wasp's nest in the wall of the flat and the monetary result of my annual review to a later post, but I'll give you a clue ... neither of them made me happy.


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    Just popping in to delete spam posts ... this is the only reason I come here nowadays. Peace peter

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    Nothing great or surprising, just a note to say I'm alive and far more likely to be found on facebook. Peace peter

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    For the record, you can find me on facebook ... I only pop back here to delete spam from old posts :) Peace peter

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