Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Fame and fast car(s)

On Friday I had an interview with the BBC - fame at last! OK, it actually was quite short and I can't be 100% certain that they will use the piece, but they are planning to use the voice of yours truely reading one of my limerics on the "Word of Mouth" program on Radio 4. The piece is scheduled for transmission on Tuesday 16th May at 4 PM BST repeated on Sunday 21st May at 8.30 PM BST.

This all comes about because on this week's edition of the program there is an interview with Chris Strolin, the Editor in Chief of the OEDILF, that crazy limerick writing site that is going to write a limerick on absolutely every single English word. If you are reading this before the Tuesday 16th transmission then you can use the BBC's "listen again" feature to hear this edition of the program, just go to and click on the "Listen to the latest edition" link on the right hand side. Chris' interview is at the start of the program. (This is also how you can listen to me, assuming they use my piece, after the Tuesday 16th transmission.)

I read my limerick on the word "anatiferous", which, as I'm sure the erudite amongst you know, means "duck producing" ... go to for the limerick itself and a brief explanation :) It was inspired by an edition of the program where they talked about Samuel Johnson and his dictionary and this word was used as an example of the more unusual of his definitions. I also read my limerick on "arrow", harking back to 1066 and King Harold, and a limerick by another author on the word "bloodguilty" which I found very moving when I was workshopping her work. Unfortunately I don't think either of those will be used, although they did ask me to keep in touch with them so maybe next time ...

In other news, I have my new car! After getting hit by extra income tax demands for several years now I decided to get rid of the company car and get my own. I now have a nice red Honda Accord Exec 2.4 with all the goodies you'd expect. I must admit to not being sure about all the controls yet, but I'm getting there. One strange thing it has is a 6 CD player in the dashboard ... but with only one slot at the front to feed the CDs in! It seems to eat them quite happily and then hides them away somewhere. I haven't tried getting them back out yet, so I hope they are not lost for ever in some neither region of the space-time continuum!

After having the car for just over a week I have already added over 1000 miles to the clock - looks like my estimate of 20,000 miles a year may have been too low. I'm staying down in Wales this weekend at least partly to reduce the mileage I do.

OK I had better get on here - I'm actually in work for a few hours today trying to fix some reports. Take care and peace to you all.


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