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My drive to work [Mar. 1st, 2006|03:17 pm]
Peter Sheil
Today was an "exciting" drive into work. After scraping 2 inches of snow off the car I checked that the "main" road up the hill looked driveable and set off. The initial drive was slow and a little slippy, but not too bad. I found one part of my route was too steep to get up in the fresh snow (I had to turn hard left up a hill and had no view so had to do it slowly). I backed up and tried a couple of times, but there was no way I was going to manage a hill start on the snow, so I turned on to my backup route and carried on.

A little further along there is a left turn up a slight hill, so I took the corner as fast as I could and drove up ... past the car coming down! There must have been a full inch clearance. This road had more snow, but didn't seem too bad and I went along carefully in second gear as meeting an on-coming car often requires a passing place. As I was taking a gentle right turn the car decided it wasn't going to turn ... the tyre tracks showed it went streaght on, into a gentle ditch on the left-hand side of the road :(

I tried going backwards and forwards alternately, but there was no way the car was coming out. After a while another car drove by and the driver firstly tried to pull me out backwards (but she was slipping too much to help), then we tried getting me out forwards and it moved a bit but not out of the ditch. Finally another car came along and the driver ended up pushing my car whilst the car pulled and I did my best with the drive wheels (front wheeel drive) and after a little jiggling the car came out. All in all it added an extra 30 minutes to my journey. Mind you most of the area around Cardiff seemed to be solid traffic, no doubt celebrating St David's day or something.

The snow seems to be melting on the roads I've seen, so hopefully the journey home should be OK. My worry is that the melted snow may freeze overnight and turn the roads into ice rinks.

Wish me luck for Thursday!

[User Picture]From: bellanna
2006-03-01 04:20 pm (UTC)
Glad you are okay. Snow is so pretty so long as you don't actually have to do anything in it.
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