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Those cartoons - Peter Sheil [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Peter Sheil

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Those cartoons [Feb. 2nd, 2006|10:56 pm]
Peter Sheil
Here are a couple of those cartoonms everyone is getting worked up about :-

There is more at http://www.di2.nu/files/Muhammed_Cartoons_Jyllands_Posten.html (although the page was very slow loading).

Personally I'm quite happy with the two I've posted here, or I wouldn't have posted them. I can see why the first one on the linked page might upset some people, but I think it would be wrong to ban free speech on this subject.


[User Picture]From: loreeley
2006-02-03 10:43 am (UTC)
I don't think they are that bad - from all the talk about it, I imagined far worse before seeing the photos. But... I do think it is very insensitive and, even though I wouldn't call it racist, I don't think it is the kind of jokes people should make. I feel that to joke about religion is very difficult because so many people take it very seriously and will feel offended/attacked/hurt. Joke about your own religion if you must, but not about other people's.

Also, it is particularly offensive to muslims because representing Allah is not allowed and in fact a very serious thing. Also, one isn't supposed to represent the the Prophet's face. Did the author not know that? Then he really should have done is research better. If he knew and went ahead of purpose, no wonder people feel offended.

It must also be said that you didn't show the imagine which seemed to cause most offense, showing Mohammed with a turban bomb.
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