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Peter Sheil

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Hi again [Apr. 8th, 2002|08:55 am]
Peter Sheil
Hi there

Well I made it back, despite all the hardships of a week on a canal barge. Mostly the weather was good, although we did have a very heavy shower of rain and sleet late one afternoon as I was working a lock - by the time I'd got my waterproof coat passed up from the boat I was soaked through. The rest of the week was mostly dry, some sun and very windy for the last few days - side winds on a canal barge make for some very interesting steering, you have to point the nose of the boat into the wind and go down the canal slightly sideways, adjusting the angle as the wind is blocked by trees, other boats or just as the gust changes the force on the boat.

It was hard getting up and going into work today. When I had got in and had got settled on "my" desk I then had to move to et someone else use a piece of kit ... then spent almost an hour trying to get power and network connection set up on another desk - grrr of frustration.

Right of to "work" ... actually getting my CV into yet another new format ... ho hum.
Have fun and chat later.

[User Picture]From: effcee
2002-04-08 01:24 am (UTC)
Welcome Back *s*
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[User Picture]From: annalytical
2002-04-08 06:19 am (UTC)
Welcome home! *hug*
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