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What makes you happy? [Jan. 20th, 2006|02:55 am]
Peter Sheil
I was tagged by dragoncharmer.

Write ten things that make you happy, in no particular order, and then tag five others.

1. Solving a computer problem
2. Pasta in cheese sauce (home made of course)
3. Talking with friends
4. Roast pork dinner, with all the trimmings (and crackling)
5. Chocolate
6. Helping someone else solve a problem
7. Reading - don't get enough time for this
8. Morris dancing when the dancers "click" and there is a big positive feedback
9. Taking a good picture
10. Completing a marathon

I tag becky44, bellanna, feath, fruitysplace and loreeley (although only if they want to be tagged :) )