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Peter Sheil

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[Nov. 21st, 2005|02:36 am]
Peter Sheil
I got back to my london flat just over an hour ago, but I'm still too awake from the coffee ... so I'll make an entry here for you :)

I went up to Penistone to see the last ever concert by Artisan. If you have never heard of the group they are a three member group that does unaccompanied folk songs which often have a humourous bent. Their website is at http://www.artifact.demon.co.uk/groupbio.htm and they are producing a DVD of the last two concerts so go and order it or buy a CD before they run out. (US readers should take care to get DVDs for the right region) The concert was great; they mostly did songs written by Brian but a few old clasics were included as well (eg Mary Ellen carter was one of their encore numbers and shhh, don't tell anyone, but I took some "pictures" (at 15 fps) of part of that. If I can figure out how to get it up on my web site without having a huge download bill when you guys all go listen to and watch it, then I will do so later this week).

The drive up there, which should have taken some 3 hours, actually took over 6 hours! I had just got on to the M1 when traffic ground to a halt. Eventually I discovered that there had been an eleven car smash on the south-bound side, which had closed the M-way, and then another accident on the north-bound side at the same place. Over half an hour later I managed to get off at the next junction and joined further queues of people trying to navigate through Hemel Hempstead to avoid the delay. I found the A41 and thought "OK, I'll head off towards Aylesbury and head north from there" ... but I actually turned on to the A41 south-bound so I returned to the M25 (which I had left almost an hour previously!) since the M1 and its junction with the M25 was solid according to the traffic reports I decided to head west [young man] and use the M40 (then M42, A42, M1). This proved to be a fine idea and rewarded me with the sight of white, ice-coated trees at the side of the road in the freezing fog! There were also a couple of times when the road was just above the fog level and I could see trees poking out of the "sea" of fog. There were more cars on the road than i was expecting and, particularly towards the northern end of my route, the going was a bit slow. having started out thinking I'd get there with 4 hours to spare I actually ended up with only 45 minutes!

The trip back was much quicker, and nothing exciting happened ... although the coffee from the services is still keeping me awake!

Right, off to do other stuff and plan some things to do on Monday (more painting and decorating)


[User Picture]From: becky44
2005-11-21 04:36 pm (UTC)
Everyone kept telling me how great Artisan are/where but I've got this problem with unaccompanied singing. I can stand it in small doses, but for a whole evening, I couldn't handle it - I'd have had to leave the hall and go elsewhere for a while.

I'm really glad you were able to see them though - they've obviously been a good influence on you - I'm just not sure of the long journey to go and see them. But then, given that it was the last ever concert, then I'd say it was a very important and special thing to do!

Surprised you're back so early! Wasn't expecting you back before the weekend! But it's nice to know you're back!
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