Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

wot I did on Thursday

So yesterday was a whole bundle of fun! I was at Moorfields Eye Hospital in the afternoon. Instead of the usual 20 minute or so appointment I was there for over 2 hours! My optomitrist was trying to fit new contact lenses and I had to have the new pair put in ... wait for them to settle ... retrieve a lens from the corner of my eye where it had snuck off for a rest ... have drops put in my eyes ... get examined under bright lights to check the fit *cringe and whimper* ... wipe the tears from my eyes so she could see the fit ... replace the drops 'cos my tears had diluted them too much ... wait while she get a second opinion on the fit of the new lenses ... um and ahh a bit ... decide to try a different par of lenses ... and so on, and so on. Tthe good thing was that she was quite chatty and managed to at least seem interested when I was chatting about life, the universe and Morris dancing.

I did get a compliment on my Fleisher's Rings :) [it almost sounded like I was being chatted up :) ] [go on ... google for it, you know you want to know what they are :) (and you'll probably find out more than you wanted to about "keratoconus", my main optical problem, as well) (or just go here - but there are pictures of eyes, so be warned!) ]

The reason for trying to change the fit is that the lenses I'm wearing now are rubbing against the lower eyelid a bit and blocking some glands there from working properly ... which I guess is why I've been having so much trouble with them recently. I have a new pair of lenses ordered and should be able to get them when I'm back from the US.

right, back to work.

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