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Peter Sheil

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Randomness [Sep. 27th, 2005|09:24 pm]
Peter Sheil
From a friend's journal on a completely random branch away from the main subject (about how new words were created from old ones) :-

Communication is brain sex.



[User Picture]From: petersheil
2005-09-28 01:12 pm (UTC)
The solution I prefer is that bees are only a projection into our dimensions of a pan-dimesional entity, and thus use energies in those other dimensions (or maybe their local dimensions' equivalent of a heliun ballon) to provide lift that is otherwise not obtainable in "our" dimensions.

Seems quite logical to me :)

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[User Picture]From: mentalageof_4
2005-09-28 01:22 pm (UTC)
Now why didn't *I* think of that? Now that you mention it, it seems quite obvious.
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