Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Note for my UK friends

Tesco's have different flavour houmous on sale - £1.70 for two 190 g pots. Today I've had "Chunky sundried tomato houmous" which is a rich nutty houmous flavoured with delicious pieces of sundried tomato and chickpeas - yummy on pitta bread. I've also got "Lemon & coriander houmous" which I've eaten before and loved. Much yummmyness.

Note to self

Remember to empty the fridge of perishable stuff when you are going to be away for the week. Cherries do not survive for a week ... in fact they leave a lingering odour which even stays after cleaning with antibacterial spray.

Random thought

Last night whilst throwing away the cherries in the big bins by my flat the sign by them amused me - "For flat residents only". Despite the order there were no cardboard cut-out figures in the bins :)

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