Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Results from my quiz

Q1. Have I driven my car under a herd of cows?
Your answers: Yes:3; No:3; Don't know:1
My answer: Yes - driving along the M4 one evening the cows were crossing over the road on a small bridge.

Q2.Have I driven my car under a London Underground train?
Your answers: Yes:2; No:5; Don't know:0
My answer: Yes - the "underground" system is a bit of a misnomer in some areas. Where I live in north London there are several places where the tube line goes on a bridge over a road.

Q3. Have I driven my car under some cyclists?
Your answers: Yes:5; No:1; Don't know:0
My answer: Yes - as in question 1 they were on a bridge over a motorway when I drove under them.

Q4. Have I driven my car under a canal?
Your answers: Yes:6; No:1; Don't know:0
My answer: Yes - many times. On the North Circular Road, near the Hanger Lane junction, there is a bridge over the road which is indeed a canal. Also when I went to Camberley I regularly drove under the Basingstoke canal which runs near there.

Q5. Have I driven my car backwards off a motorway?
Your answers: Yes:4; No:2; Don't know:1
My answer: Yes - off the M3. I was in the fast lane, hit an obstruction of some sort, the car skidded around and come off the motorway backwards at 70 mph. The car wedged into a concrete lined drainage ditch (about 5 feet deep) with the wheels just inside the steeply sloping sides on each side. Both the police and the car recovery guy complimented me on my parking ... I was just a bit shaken about it all but otherwise completely unhurt. [I actually had no control of where it ended up - my only rational decision was to keep the wheels straight which probably saved me from rolling it (and probably saved my life).]

Q6. What colour are my eyes?
Your answers: Redish: 0; Blue: 2; Green: 3; Brown: 2; Other: 1
My answer: Well I see them as brown / green but they get a bit red when I've had my contact lenses in for too long.

Q7. What is my favourite type of music?
Your answers: Several suggestions
My answer: Well actually I have quite eclectic tastes in music and tend to like particular pieces rather than alll of one genre. I guess I'd probably say "the 60s" if I had to choose one area although I do like pop from various era, some classic music and a lot of folk music.

Q8. What radio station(s) do I listen to in the mornings?
Your answers: Several suggestions
My answer: I tend to start off with Radion 4 for the news but after a while turn over to Radio 2 because (a) they have traffic reports (and I enjoy hearing about all the places I'm not going to be driving through that have queues) and (b) I find it hard to do other things when listening to news reports.

Q9. Why do I run Marathons?
Your answers: Several suggestions
My answer: Well the first one was because I wanted to have run one once in my life. After that I swore I'd never ever run another one ... and have since done another two full marathons and several half marathons. Nowadays I think it's because I'd like to run one with a time I feel is the best I could do. It isn't so much to get fit, although the training and the Morris dancing do help with that, but more the challenge of getting a better time.

Q10. Am I qualified to fly?
Your answers: Yes:5; No:1; Don't know:1
My answer: Yes - I have a glider pilot's licence although I don't fly any more because of problems with my eyes.

Q11. Have I ever done a parachute jump?
Your answers: Yes:3; No:3; Don't know:1
My answer: No - I have had to wear a parachute whilst gliding sometimes (because the seat in the glider had a cut-out section in the back where a parachute fitted) and have received basic training in what to do to use it. I have never felt the slightest urge to throw myself out of a plane and am quite happy to either stay on the ground or stay with the plane and land it.

How did you do?

Right off to bed for me ... well actually I'm already in it so just have to take my contact lenses out and turn the lighs out :)


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