Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Meme alert

Copy your friends list: bold the ones you have met in real life,
italicize the ones you have talked with on the phone. Anybody you have
only spoken to online, do nothing to their names.

33w, 9eter5heil, __mistyrayne__, acoolsecretary, aegidian, agfoxx, agnetha, amberjoh, amberthistle, angel2dy4, annalytical, arachne, arcangel101, artemii, asrana, bard_bloom, becky44, bellanna, bondage_becks, chorus_of_chaos, cocoamonkeey, cream_soda, delshir, dragoncharmer, earle, elfgeek, ella, elliebellie4, eruhu, extra_pale, extreme_silence, eyefallalone, feath, fettered_free, fleurette, frankblack, fruitbatz, gannet, ginmar, goddessofdeth, gorgeous_yulia, grltalk, hockey_kitty, htwj, jexia, jezva, jolandra, kareshinokami, kensei, kevinrtaylor, kuro_ryoushi, ladiorange, ladychatter, lordrokesh, loreeley, mcburnie, meows_r_us, metalsenorita, mjanep, mooonchild, motherwell, mysticprincess, nemetonfire, occipitaldruid, ohi, ohiblather, otherwisefine, petersheil, phlump, pianoman, pinkfluff100, playgirl, ramblin_on, roxy641, runningdiary, saphphx, shahhe, skaterdude, sleepingcat, slippinaway, smithi1, somebodies, somenotes, soukinet, spodlife, stephzilla, sythyry, tamnonlinear, tersono, tigermoth, tir_tinuviel, tsoichiging, uathsaille, unblinkable, vampirepixie, vatoengland, vibrantbeauty, virgilanti, wakerife, watergoddess, webgirluk, widowspeak, wiltinwickwitch, winterssaphire, wounded_spirit, wren08

I think I got that right ... comment if I got you wrong and I'll correct it :)

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