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Peter Sheil

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Chatty post [Mar. 3rd, 2005|01:46 pm]
Peter Sheil
Hi there,

I've not done a "chatty" entry for a while so I'll do one now, even though I've only got a few minutes.

First a quick "Hello" to everyone who's friended me recently - can't imagine why ;) and a wave of "goodbye" to those who have left *waves even though you won't see it*

Work is busy, I have to get a few things finished before I'm off next week skiing in Switzerland. Mind you with the recent weather we've been having in the UK I should have gone to Kent it seems :)

If any of you are interested in limeicks you can see a load of them at http://www.oedilf.com [I'm psheil on that site if you want to see mine) It takes a while to get anything you write approved for publishing on the site, but if you've got the patience then it does get through eventually. If you join then let me know and I'll keep an eye out for you on the site.

One of my spirit guides is "fox" and I saw one the other evening. I was leaving my Mum's and heading for the M25 through some back lanes [I go underneath the M25 then wiggle a bit before heading back to the junction where the South Mimms services are.] I came to a "T" junction where I turn right; the fence ahead was damaged where a car had misjudged the junction and gone straight on. Peeking around the corner of this damaged fence was the fox. I looked at him for a while, then moved on. i had a feeling that there was someone with me, keeping an eye on me. I had a fox run along with me when I was jogging once in London.

I'm suffering a bit from the dry air at work and in my car; my contact lenses don't like it and I have to take themout and wash them during the day sometimes. I'm even going to bed at reasonable times recently, so it's not that the're stayig in my eyes for too long. *sigh*

right, back to work.


[User Picture]From: widowspeak
2005-03-03 03:19 pm (UTC)
Have fun skiing in Switzerland, lovie. I'll be heading down to the Mississippi Delta region of the states, so I'll be in the cold and rain while you're kicking up powder. Lucky duck. :P

Anyway, have a good trip. :)

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[User Picture]From: petersheil
2005-03-04 09:54 am (UTC)
A stunning young woman called 'Manda
Decide that she was a panda.
She'd hunt down bamboo,
And she'd wear but one shoe.
Now 'Manda the panda - they banned her!

Not very good, but probably the first limerick someones written for you :)

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