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Peter Sheil

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Rambling [Jan. 4th, 2005|04:09 pm]
Peter Sheil
Hi there,

They are looking for a "Flexible Resourse Centre Administrator" at work ... I wonder to what the "Flexible" applies? Maybe they have to bend over backwards to help the clients [removes inappropriate image from mind].

My client and my server are chatting quite happily now. The problem? Well the server linked to a hub (via random wiring, that connected to a second hub through more random tangled cabling and that finally connected to the wall socket. The second hub had its power supply slightly knocked out of the extension lead buried under the mound of cabling. *sigh* Still it does prove the old adage - it works better if you plug it in! I probably should have found this one myself but it is hard tracing the cables single handed.

My car now has two working headlights! It was much easier in the daylight and took about ten minutes. You just have to push the little bent wire bit towards the front of the car and then down to unlock it. Putting it all back together wasn't too bad once I realised that I had to turn the rubber outer cover inside out before I could position it where it needs to be, then flip it back the right way and fit it.

Even my drop-down lists are staying the right (3 line) size and not reverting to their previous 2 line versions. Now I just need to get the correct values into them and everything will be sweetnes and light.

Right, off to work again.