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Make a wish [Jan. 1st, 2005|10:05 pm]
Peter Sheil
Do you ever make a wish as you pull a chicken's wishbone? I pick which half will be bigger and if the side I pick is the bigger then my wish gets sent.

Now I thought I'd invite you to join me for this. To take part just post a comment with your wish and which side you want to put it (or two wishes, one for each side if you like but do make sure you say which wish is which side (that's hard to say even when sober!) ). In order to keep your wishes secret all the comments on this thread will be screened, only you and I will be able to see your comment.

When I break the bone, about midnight on Sunday, I'll post and let you know which side "won" and who had wishes sent but not what those wishes were.

So go on, post a comment with your wish and "left" or "right" and you never know, as the Lottery says, "It could be you".