Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

I'm a bad shopper!

Let me be a bit more specific :) It's not that I'm a slow shopper or that I don't know what I want when I get there. No, it's that I somehow manage to end up with more shopping than I thought I was going to get. An example may help to explain this. On Friday night, after I'd driven back to London, I went to the Tesco supermarket just across the road from me. I just wanted some milk ... what I actually got is listed below.
  • Milk - two 2 pint containers, one for the weekend and one to take back to Cardiff
  • Two ready meals - for the freezer, ones that I can cook from frozen
  • Strawberry trifle - three little pots of low fat ones
  • Two packs of pork sausages - on special offer - one for Sunday morning and one for the freezer
  • Three packs of soup - for freezer
  • Four fresh corn-on-the-cobs
  • Honeydew melon
  • Bramley apple - was cooked with sultanas and sugar today
  • Pita bread, low fat humous and low fat taramasmlata - lunch today
  • Maple and pelican plait - breakfast today, yummy
  • Computer magazine
  • Camera magazine
Now most of those are quite reasonable things, it's just always worries me when I think I'm gettin some milk and end up spending just over 30 pounds.

Ahh it's just gone midnight so I'll post this and head off to bed.

Take care, peace
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