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Peter Sheil

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Afternoon Walk [Nov. 10th, 2001|10:21 pm]
Peter Sheil
This afternoon we went for a walk in the New Forest.

First we went to a pub in Minstead, but after queueing for 10 minutes
we were told they had stopped serving food 15 minutes early 'cos of the
large backlog in the kitchen - grrrrrrrrrrr.

we went to the village shop which sold us a pie and a slice of pizza,
(and heated them) some fruit and a piece of cake - much cheaper and more
friendly than the pub!

then we went to a few miles away to go for a walk, and I was going to take
some pictures of trees - the colours are beautiful at this time of year.
It all changed when we were told that there was an injured deer nearby. We
went and looked, then ended up playing telephone tag to get someone out to either
help the deer or to put it out of its misery. The poor thing seemed to have
lost the use of its rear legs and although it tried several times to get up
and move, it could only move a few feet :( After about an hour a Forestry
Commision ranger came and shot it.

I hope when I'm too feeble to cary on that someone will put me out of any
misery as quickly and eficiently.

I have some pics, but cannot sort them out today - maybe later in the week.

bb to all