Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Happy Birthday to me!

The day draws to a close as I sit and type this.
Not any old day, but the 50th anniversary of my birth! :)
50 years ago, at a bit after 9 AM a 6 pound bundle of humanity popped out into the world, took a quick look around and then found it couldn't go back again. Since then it's been down hill all the way for me. ;)

I've had a good day today; nothing especially exciting but a very pleasant meal with my Mum and sister and a slurp (or two) of champaigne (well OK it's actually the Spanish version but still good).

I'm too tired for a long post now but I will thank everyone who sent me cards, texts or other messages. Also Mum and Mary for two crystal glass wine glasses and a blue harbour top, and Kim for four books.

A reflective time; what have I achieved? where am I going in life? who will remember me when I'm gone?
It's OK, I'm not sad just thinking and reflecting. My situation in life is quite different from my expectations, as some of you are aware, and I'm not sure where I'm heading for or what I want to achieve in my life.

Peace and happiness to you all. May all your little generousities turn to flowering blooms.
(((hugs))) to you all, my on-line family.
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