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Peter Sheil

You’re crazy, the lot of you, and really shouldn’t encourage me.

OK, I admit it's not an original comment, by a long way, but I felt like putting it there.

Want to see a long post from me? Then
Didn't seem to achieve anything. *sigh* Do you get days like that? I just did little displacement activity things and didn't make a dent in either tidying the flat or the paperwork I need to do. I ended up leaving very late and didn't get down to Joe's 'till gone 1 AM Monday morning. I'm leaving some stuff down at Joe's over the weekends now so I have a little less to cart around. That's a good thing 'cos I'm one of natures pack-rats and take bags and bags of things.

I'm a cartophile
It's true, although I've taken a bit of convincing :) Some of you may know that I love maps: old ones, new ones, road maps, walking maps I love them all. My collection of old Ordnance Survey maps of the UK must cover half the country I guess. Recently I started wondering what the "correct" word was for someone who collects maps or someone who loves maps. All the dictionaries I've found don't let you ask the question that way around: if you know the word they'll tell you the meaning but not the other way around. Cartographer is someone who makes them but there doesn't seem to be a word for me :) Eventually I mentioned it in an e-mail to Kim and she had a hunt as well. Her view is that whilst it isn't a proper word now, it is quite widely used (as you can tell if you do a Google search for the word) so we should all carry on using it and it will eventually become a real word. That's one of the joy's of English, the language is defined by how we all use it rather than by some arcane institute like les Français, who were even fighting against le weekend. Zut alors! So everyone ... use the word cartophile at every appropriate opportunity please.

And speaking of maps, I got the first of the maps I ordered from OS. It is so cool to be able to select exactly the area you want on your map and have it in your hands a few days later. Well done the Ordnance Survey. There is one small fly in the ointment. I only got one of the two maps I ordered. It seems that if you take too long getting your map location and style set up on their web site it changes your location to somewhere completely different. *good game, good game* Fortunately the OS staff know this happens, and it is always the same place, so every time a map is positioned there they contact the person to find out where they actually wanted the map centered. This resulted in a conversation where the service rep. and I were both on their web site trying to locate where I actually wanted the map centered. She seemed surprised at how slow it was for me - I guess they never see the true user experience at the end of a local network "protected" by a slow proxy server if they are sitting right next to it. Don't get me wrong, I'm impressed with the service and the quality of the one map I've already received so I'm happy to recommend them to you all. Just take care using the web site and make sure you do all the steps in sequence if you are designing your own map.

And work ...
... well much of a muchness. Don't think there's anything I want to say in an open post :) I can see from the far side of the open plan area that it is sunny today, the air is still quite dry for my contact lenses, the guy who sits diagonally from me has a sense of humour almost as wierd as mine, almost everyone else in the team has gone for a meeting (they are all talking about me and how paranoid I am, but I'm not letting on I know. I'm just going to watch them and see what they are all up to. I'll catch them at it - they've damaged my computer so I don't see the jobs in other departments and they log everything I do and they are all out to get me *peers over shoulder quickly* ) *goes of muttering manically*

It could, of course, just be that the third coffee today was a mistake ... what do you think?

Right, back to the drudge.

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