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Peter Sheil

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Silliness [Jul. 12th, 2004|01:56 pm]
Peter Sheil

What does the world think of you? Or maybe it would be more accurate to ask "What does google.com think of you?".
peter is a terminally sad gear junkie
peter is released from prison
peter is set free
peter is 30
peter is the rock
peter is walking on the water by borrassa
peter is great
peter is responsible for assisting in the development of salsa's strategic direction and market positioning
peter is very intelligent with important views on society and life in general
peter is reading page 2
peter is a teacher

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sheil is trailblazing a new frontier in what has remained a male
sheil is not just a comic
sheil is a coed traditionally styled building housing 157 residents in both single
sheil is careful to blame the process rather than the operator
sheil is the largest lake in the area
sheil is perhaps the most beautiful place I've ever seen and I must once again apologize that there's no possible way for these pictures to capture it
sheil is building his own boeing 747
sheil is made of high strength steel for a long life
sheil is yet another bantam breeder from rossmore in nsw
sheil is not in a policy position to answer that

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Some are quite appropriate, some are strange and some are just plain wrong!

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