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What happened in ...

Some are a little more interesting to me than others, I have very little interest in American sport for example :)


In July 1954 ...
1954 (04 jul) West Germany beats Hungary 3-2 for soccer's 5th World Cup in Bern
1954 (07 jul) T.A.N.U. party founded in Tanzania
1954 (11 jul) 1st White Citizens Council organizes in Indianola, Miss
1954 (12 jul) Major League Baseball Players Assn founded
1954 (13 jul) AL beats NL 11-9 in 21st All Star Game (Cleveland Stadium)
1954 (13 jul) Dean Stone gets credit for AL win, although he didn't retire a
batter, he threw out Shoendienst trying to steal home, AL-11 NL-9
1954 (14 jul) 117ø F (47ø C), East St. Louis, Illinois (state record)
1954 (14 jul) 118ø F (48ø C), Warsaw & Union, Missouri (state record)
1954 (15 jul) 1st coml jet transport plane built in US tested (Boeing 707)
1954 (17 jul) 1st major league game where majority of team is black (Dodgers)
1954 (17 jul) Construction begins on Disneyland. . .
1954 (17 jul) Peter Sheil born
1954 (18 jul) Cards losing 8-1 to Phillies begin stalling in 5th, they forefeit game
1954 (20 jul) Tennis Champ Maureen Connolly's right leg is crushed in an accident
1954 (21 jul) At Geneva, France agrees to independence of North & South Vietnam
1954 (27 jul) Armistice divides Vietnam into two countries
1954 (31 jul) Mil Braves' Joe Adcock sets record of 18 total bases (4 hrs, 1 double)

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