Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil


Well after a good night's sleep I'm recovered from the flights. The aitline food was actually OK - pasta and asparegus, chocolate cake, loads of drinks [they kept on bringing around water which is good] and for the second meal pitza and icecream. Not haute cuisine but what do you expect in a plane?

My eyes probably suffered most - the air was very dry and by the time I got to Rachels they were so sore.

I don't think I was that polite a guest last night - I just said a quick hello, e-mailed a few friends then snoozed 'till Rachel came back with some burgers. After eating I fell asleep while Rachel was talking to me :(

I'm not sure what we are doing today, but I think we are going out in a while.

I'll post again later today
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