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To: All Terry Pratchett Fans (cross posted to a few journals)

Subject: Mort - BBC Radio 4 - Tue 15 Jun, 23:00 - 23:30 30 mins

The BBC are broadcasting Mort by Terry Pratchett. Episode one (of four) will be transmitted tonight from 11 PM 'till 11.30 PM BST. I presume this will be transmitted weekly. Hopefully it will be on the "listen again" feature to cater for those of you that either cannot listen atthat time or are in far flung corners of the galaxy. See Radio 4 and follow the Listen Again link, but it will only be there after the transmission and this week's episode will be deleted next week.

The blurb from the BBC site

Hopeless young peasant Mort is hired as an apprentice by Death, and taken to his home beyond space and time (black grass, black sun, skeletal fish) to be trained up for the job.

Narrator ...... Anton Lesser
Death ...... Geoffrey Whitehead
Mort ...... Carl Prekopp
Lezek ...... Philip Fox
Albert ...... Philip Jackson
Hamesh ...... Jon Glover
Ysabell ...... Clare Corbett
Princess Keli ...... Alice Hart

Director ...... Claire Grove


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