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Right, I'm off to bed now to rest my eyes. Nite nite.

And future plans ...
next week in Cardiff,
Sunday packing, some gardening at Mum's house then a meal then drive to Cardiff,
Saturday collect suit from the cleaners, shopping, wash my sheets, cleaning and tidying the flat, Morris dancing near Southampton (somewhere, hope to find out soon :) ) in the evening.

I've just created one of those portrait icons everyone seems to have. I'm not quite sure how accurate it is :) If you haven't seen it yet then go here and have a play with it. I haven't downloaded it to LJ yet, I'll try and do that Saturday.

I've been listening to a CD this evening - Mozart's Symphony No 40. Not something that most people who know me would expect me to listen to but I do like quite a bit of classical music. I bought a set of 25 Mozart discs years ago in Germany at a knock-down price. I remember the occasion because I got the impression I was the first person to ever try paying by credit card in the store :) They had to call the manager of that floor of the store to show them what to do with my strange card. Admittedly it was quite a few years ago now but it was a big, multi floor department store.

This afternoon I was working from home, which was nice, but I had to update two document and get them to the client which was not so nice. I'm never that enamoured with writing technical documents unless they are relevant and these two are ... well less than absolutely necessary maybe? They got updated and sent of and I received notifications that all the recipients got their copies. I've been having some problems with

This morning I was working in London. I know I told you I was going to be in Cardiff but a version of a program I had completed on Wednesday and the user had put into production on Thursday had a very interesting feature or two which were only discovered in the production environment. Firstly we had to set the compatibility level of the production database to be correct - I solved that part of the problem over the phone on Thursday. The second problem related to one field on a form not displaying a value when you scrolled to it. If you went and looked at another window and then went back to it the value reappeared. I had to go to the client's site this morning to solve that one ... well perhaps a better description would be a "work-around" as I'm still not sure why it was doing this for just one of the fields. I just added a couple of instructions to simulate the user clicking on the record. *shrugs* Well it works now so that's alright then.

After Morris practice I went back with Sue and Andy and actually had a chat between all three of us. That's only surprising if you know the people ... usually Andy just crashes out asleep as soon as we get back to the house, or even in the car on the way back. I usually do the driving 'cos I'm driving off that evening (or early the next morning if we chat for too long) either off to Cardiff or London so I won't have much (if any) alcoholic drink. Our conversation ranged through the (bad) design of a multi server system Sue supports to the different sorts of air space we have over the UK. Fascinating eh? ;)

Morris practice on Thursday evening was OK, although we do tend to take a while to get organised. Since I have had a several hour drive to get there I tend to resent not dancing so sometimes nag people to get on with it. After the practice I got a hug which was very nice :))) When you live alone you miss getting real hugs ... mind you I missed them when I was still living with my wife so I'm not sure what that proves, if anything.

I'm going to do this post in reverse ... not each word backwards as one of my friends did but the events themselves. I hope you don't get to confused by this.


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