Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil


Well I set off bright and early and made it to the Brentwood ofice by 9 AM ... the guy I'm doing some work for won't be here 'till ... oh about now :) Still it does give me a chace to de-trash my e-mail repository for a while.

I have an allocated car-paring space now (think gold-dust in a diamond mine :) ) but still don't have my pass working the door on this floor :( We are doing a *&&%$£** project for a *&&%$£** client so the standard passes don't work until they've been authorised by God herself (well it seems that way). Does mean that if I go to the toilet I have to stand and rattle the doors 'till someone takes pity on me. I can't say anything about what I'm working on 'cos of all this secrecy stuff ... it is actually far less interesting than it sounds, trust me on this :))

Right, off to get something to eat from a local petrol station I think - hope the rest of you are all having great days :)))))))))
*bounce, bounce, drops exhausted*
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