Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Deep joy

Having cracked my technical problem I am now drowning in a sea of paper-work before the "Review and Approval" process. Talk about making mountains out of mole hills - that's paper mountains out of a mole hill of a new window in the application.

Still - just one more day then it's packing and flying over to the US for a week and a half ... yipeee. I surely need the break at the moment.

I'll probably be on-line intermitently over the next two weeks, I am moving around seeing two different friends so I may suffer a little jet lag at times. Please excuse any laxness in my responses, and any lowering of my grammatical and spelling standards as I am infected by contact with the great hordes of American speakers. :) [I love you realy :))) ]

take care and "Have a good day now"
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