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It is strange how one small thing can make a difference. I was driving home (well to the hotel that's starting to feel like home now) and stopped to buy some stuff from a supermarket (the Tesco store at the M3 / A34 junction). I wanted a Sunday paper but the only copies in the store were tatty so I took the paper to the customer service desk and asked if they'd sell the paper at a reduction - about 1/3 of the front page was unreadable. Instead the woman phoned through to the garage, checked that they had a copy of the paper I wanted and got them to put a copy of it behind the till.

When I got over there and went in for the paper the girl behind the till was having a joke and a laugh with me about having the paper put aside. She even was interested that I'd been Morris dancing earlier in the day and wanted me to demonstrate one there and then. I was too tired and our dances are not easily done by just one person anyway so I referred her to my web site - I gave her a note with the URL of both my site and the Morris side's site. That was nice of her to be interested wasn't it? Brightened up the day, not that it was a bad day anyway.

The smallest things we do can effect others in ways we cannot appreciate - I hope I did something that made someone else feel positive today.

[And if you are the woman from the till at the Tesco garage who served a tired Morris dancer last Sunday ... "Hello" *waves* :) ]


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    Nothing great or surprising, just a note to say I'm alive and far more likely to be found on facebook. Peace peter

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