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Something for the Weekend? [May. 6th, 2004|01:15 pm]
Peter Sheil
this weekend my Morris side, Red Stags, and a couple of others are dancing in the Southampton / New Forest area. The latest copy of the program is as follows (but note that it may have had changes I'll only hear about tonight at practice) :-

Saturday will be a Tour of the New forest on a vintage bus
Spots will be;
- Furzey Gardens, Minstead (Opens at 10am)
- The Trusty Serpent, Minstead (11:30)
- Bucklers Hard (13:00)
- Either The Anchor or King Rufus in Ealing (16:00)
- An evening session in The Junction Inn, Southampton (probably just singing and not dancing)

- Bursledon Brickworks (Opens at 11am)
- Bursledon Windmill (13:00 - Closes at 4pm)

The Brickworks is always fun for me 'cos the combination of brick dust and smoke from the traction engines does wonders for my contact lenses :)

I'll update this post with any more info as I get it.

Note: All timings are in MST (Morris Standard Time) and the exact relationship between this and BST is yet to be discovered.

[Of course if you'd prefer not to see Morris Dancers doing their thing then you have been warned of places to avoid.]