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Peter Sheil

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[May. 4th, 2004|12:03 pm]
Peter Sheil
Quite busy and productive so far today :) , despite having a team meeting :(

Updated my virus definitions, updated my version of Windows to include all the latest patches, did paperwork on my accident and posted it, phoned up about a misdelivered official letter and reposted it, filled in a form for my old college and posted it, got a copy of my insurance certificate (needed next week when I'll be driving a courtesey car from a garage), filled in three paying in slips for bills and will pay them this lunch time, cleared e-mail backlog on personal and work accounts and got some stuff organised for a project manager. It's bound to go down hill from here :)

I'll catch you all later - will probably be too busy to be on-line 'till after 5 PM though