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Peter Sheil

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[May. 1st, 2004|02:56 pm]
Peter Sheil
Dancing at Dawn

Set my alarm for 4 AM :(
Got up, washed and dressed, had a cup of tea then set off with Sue and Andy into town.
Parked near the Wellington pub in Bugle Street (where breakfast was later served) then headed down to Mayflower Park. Two other members of the side were already there and about 30 people to watch us! That many spectators is very unusual and they did seem tobe looking out to sea quite a lot.

This year we had the fewest number of dancers for the May Day morning I can ever remember! Some of the side were out of the country, one was meeting someone at Heathrow airport and some others were off sick. Of our four dancers one was only just well enough to dance and another had only learnt some of the dances we were going to do on the previous Thursday. Anyway we started off dancing about 5.15 to encourage the sun to arrive through the overcast and misty gloom.

After the first dance we found that instead of the Sun rising the Cunard liner Queen Elisabeth had arrived and was passing just off-shore of us. The power of dance eh? After this stunning success we carried on and a couple of dances later the Cunard liner Queen Mary II arrived. I had no idea our dancing was that powerful. I bet the passengers were surprised to suddenly appear at Southampton. After this all our audience went off to look at the ships, quite understandable in the circumstances. We went on and did a few more dances but, after that supreme effort getting the ships to appear, we were unable to get the Sun to show its face :(

We finally stopped just after 6 AM and then headed off to the afore-mentioned pub for breakfast with another Morris side (who had been dancing at Southampton's Bar Gate in the centre of town). A jolly time was had by all ... nuff said :)

Disorganised Week
Do you remember my plans for last week? I was going to tutn myself into a human yoyo rushing up and down the motorway between London and Cardiff. Well the start of the week went sort of the way I expected but late on Wednesday afternoon I got a message from the guy I was going to meet on Thursday cancelling the meeting. That was good in a way as it reduced my number of trips along the motorway but ... unfortunately I hadn't packed my Morris kit in the car when I left the London flat late on Tuesday evening after the LJMeetup. After contemplating with great distaste the prospect of driving into London on Friday night and the out again down to Southampton through the holiday weekend traffic I decided there had to be an alternative. After a bit of ringing around I found someone with some spare kit and I ended up buying a white shirt and some black socks (I already had black trousers with me). This meant that I could drive straight from Cardiff to Southampton on Friday evening. I guess I'll just have to cram even more stuff into my boot in order to allow me to live my life efficiently ... unless any of you guys have better suggestions?

Right, off to empty the washing machine and do stuff around the flat ... oh and buy some food for tonight.
Those of you in the UK enjoy the holiday.


[User Picture]From: ladiorange
2004-05-01 05:26 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you had a good time! How much sleep did you get then?
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[User Picture]From: petersheil
2004-05-02 03:52 am (UTC)
Sounds like you had a good time!

Oh yes - plus helping the world see the sun :)

How much sleep did you get then?

Well Friday night we crashed out about 11:30 PM but I did read a mag for about 3/4 of an hour ... so I guess that means about 3 hours sleep. I crashed out a bit on Saturday afternoon to make up for it though.

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