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Peter Sheil

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The weekend [Apr. 18th, 2004|08:07 pm]
Peter Sheil
collected car from Southampton. Found somewhere (in Holbury) to get the code for the radio and got it working, then drove it back to London. Did washing, drying, went to Mum's for dinner.

Woman skidded into my car whilst I was waiting to turn at some traffic lights :(
Fortunately it was my company car so it is just an insurance company job and no real hassle for me.
Went around London hunting the two people I was trying to see running the Marathon, saw Jen once at the 7 mile mark and Matt 3 times at the 15 mile and 20 mile marks and outside the Houses of Parliament. Matt did it in just under 4 hours *horray* and Jen took about 5 1/2 hours (the last half of the course was a lot slower than the first). Well done to both of them. I also shouted encouragement at other runners so voice is a little hoarse. Eventually we all met up at the Macmillain recovery rooms where Matt and Jen got well deserved massages.

Now I'm just going to pack up some things then head on over to Cardiff (a 2 hour plus drive). Hope the weather gets a bit less wet.