Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

Notes from the weekend

Stage one of my FIL & MIL's home network is up and running. One ancient PC has an equally ancient network card in and it ran first time. Admittedly I did have to reinstall Windows 98 ... and that was a whole other hassle but I'll gloss over that for now. I will just say that getting downloads of updates for Win 98 used to be a whole lot easier before they forced you into the "windows update" site. I'll just say that some patches were applied by downloading them on one machine and instaling them on another *sigh* Still the empty disk was well worth the effort, even if it didn't last for too long.

The networking side of things worked first time - well I had already spent time a previous weekend setting up the radio router / ADSL modem so it was just a case of plug and play with the internet :) Oh and get Norton up and running ... and patched to the latest updates with Live Update ... and configured to run automatically.

The second phase should have just been turning on another PC upstairs and its radio network card seeing the router ... yes? Well that was the theory, but real life is ever that easy. I found one problem with the PC set up for US standards and the router for Euopean but even with this fixed they didn't see each other :( Next time I go there I'll take a long network cable, an extension phone lead and an extension power lead so I can put the router next to the upstairs PC, play 'till they do talk to each other then retreat slowly - imagine me walking slowly backwards down some steep stairs traling random wies and being licked by two small dogs :) There that should cheer you all up :)))

I'm off to the hotel now life? What's that???

Peace and positive energy to you all ... and if you could judt remember the "three fold" thingie and send some positive energy back that would be a great help :)

  • On here ...

    Just popping in to delete spam posts ... this is the only reason I come here nowadays. Peace peter

  • Update

    Nothing great or surprising, just a note to say I'm alive and far more likely to be found on facebook. Peace peter

  • Here?

    For the record, you can find me on facebook ... I only pop back here to delete spam from old posts :) Peace peter

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