Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil


I feel so tired. Not had enough sleep for a few nights so I'm going to try and get to bed early tonight. I haven't been out on the town ... oh apart from Tuesday night that is, the meetup was good and about the only socialising I've done for a while. Mostly it's just work and trying to sort my flat out a bit after getting a heap of stuff back from Kim's a week or two ago. I'll be glad when I'm off for a week on the canal boat over Easter. Not that the week will be relaxing physically but hopefully it will be restful mentally. [The down side is that I'll still be supporting a couple of systems ... yes even though I'm on holiday :( but I'm expecting the users to be sensible about calling me (wry grin) ]

OK, off to get something to eat and sort out some stuff for the weekend - getting an old network cord out of a PC ready to put install it in my Father-in-law's PC. I've been trying to get it onto ADSL for a couple of visits and it is being recalcitrant. So far it has progressed backward - the next step is a clean install of windows and I'll see if that helps.

Excuse me if I don't comment much - feels like I'm just keeping my head above water right now :)


  • On here ...

    Just popping in to delete spam posts ... this is the only reason I come here nowadays. Peace peter

  • Update

    Nothing great or surprising, just a note to say I'm alive and far more likely to be found on facebook. Peace peter

  • Here?

    For the record, you can find me on facebook ... I only pop back here to delete spam from old posts :) Peace peter

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