Peter Sheil (petersheil) wrote,
Peter Sheil

The weekend

Well we had fun this weekend.

Firstly the van we had booked was broken so they offered us a 7.5 ton lorry instead.
With a tail lift.

OK - a bit bigger than we wanted but we got them to prolong the original 1 day rent to 2 days and agreed the deal.

Then the fun started. just after I drove it away from the company it started to pour out thick black smoke and to have the acceleration of a lethargic snail.

After checking that :-
a. the brakes were not on
b. it wasn't on fire
c. the clutch seemed to be OK
I phoned the company. The guy there thought for a bit and then asked if there was a little push switch on the floor near the steering wheel? Yes I said. Well that is an "exhaust choke" and does just that. Turn the engine off, wait two minutes then start up again and it will all be OK.

And indeed so it was.

The exercise regime for the weekend included :-
stacking cardboard boxes of Kim's stuff in the van (plus carrying them down stairs)
driving to the storage building in Southampton (good left leg and left arm work out with the clutch and gear changes)
loading the boxes into the 1st floor storage (that's one floor above ground level for my US readers) - at least we did have trollies we could load up rather than carrying everything
driving back to the house, including going half way round a roundabout then reversing and going back the wrong way 'cos the van wouldn't fit :(
sorting out large plastic boxes of my stuff, carrying them down stairs
loading these boxes and various other stuff into the van (Sunday morning)
driving to London
getting said 7.5 ton van into the parking at my flat (inches clearance of cars and small posts)
unloading half into my garage and half into my flat - my sister helped us as well and we had a chain going with Kim unloading the van, Mary carrying the boxes to the bottom of the stairs of the flat and me carrying the things upstairs and trying to find creative space for all the new boxes of treasures [admittedly by the end I wasn't keeping up and the other two also carried some of the things upstairs for me]
Getting the huge van out of the car park - took two attempts and much left leg ache from controlling the clutch pedel
driving back to Southampton (first part was stop go traffic so more left leg exercise)

Now all I have to do is drive to Cardiff and colapse into bed :)

Hope your weekends were less energetic.


Updated: Corrected spealink and added some more details. My legs and back don't feel too tired / achey today but then I'm still taking Ibuprofen so it is probably hiding that from me :)

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