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[Jan. 19th, 2004|04:47 pm]
Peter Sheil
Ahh, LiveJournal and the local network are letting me post - I'd better get this typed in quickly.

This week I'm in Cardiff Monday and Tuesday, London for the rest of the week (probably). Work is going OK, but not feeling like I'm achieving anything ... lots of bitty things.

I've had a few thoughts about my web site after the recent comments so I am going to :-
1. Update all existing pages to use Cascading Style Sheets from a single file.
2. Automate the creation of some of my "index" style pages using PHP and a MySQL database.
3. Add a bunch more index pages (easier once the PHP automation is completed)
4. Add Home (and Back where appropriate) links to all index pages. (possibly all pages)
5. Add Virus and hoax information feeds - I've got the HTML I need, just need to decide where to link it in (hence the more indexes) and any customisation it needs.

Once most of that's done I'll have a look at changing the overall style - maybe new colours and graphics. I've had an idea for some images I want to use but I'll have to learn a bit more about dealing with transparent and partially transparent images.
(I know, you can see through that one can't you :))) )

Any other suggestions gratefully ignored received.

Right I'd better post this before the connection grZffzppqqqqqw.....