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Peter Sheil

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[Dec. 23rd, 2003|12:45 am]
Peter Sheil

*mutter mutter LJ lost what I just typed*

sigh - start again I guess

Just been celebrating Yule / Solstice and have been left feeling I have a lot to think about. I need a new guide - or maybe the ability to listen better to the two I already have. Time will tell.

Sorry I have not been communicating much lately - down to my mood and some personal stuff which I don't want to talk about right now.

To all those of you who celebrate it - Happy Yule. Blessed Be and peace and prosperity for the year to come.

And indeed peace and prosperity for all my friends



[User Picture]From: feath
2003-12-23 01:12 am (UTC)
"Happy Yule"

I've always wanted to know what yule was (Parden my ignorance), but never knew anyone to ask.
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