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Peter Sheil

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The morning joke [Jan. 30th, 2002|09:17 am]
Peter Sheil
It was the stir of the town when an 80-year-old man married a 20-year-old girl. After a year of marriage she went into the hospital to give birth.

The nurse came out to congratulate the fellow saying, "This is amazing. How do you do it at your age?"

He answered, "You've got to keep that old motor running."

The following year the young bride gave birth again. The same nurse said, "You really are amazing. How do you do it?"

He again said "You've got to keep the old motor running."

The same thing happened the next year. The nurse said, "Well, well, well! You certainly are quite a man!"

He responded "You've got to keep that old motor running."

The nurse then said, "Well, you had better change the oil. This one's black."

[User Picture]From: angel2dy4
2002-01-31 07:45 am (UTC)


Thanks for the laughs! I was on the phone with my Mom tonight when I decided to come share your jokes with her! She laughed so hard....it was great...she was gonna pass them on!

Ang =o)
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