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Peter Sheil

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Life [Nov. 7th, 2001|05:37 pm]
Peter Sheil
One of my servers got the "Nimda" virus this afternoon :(

Guess what I'll be doing on Thursday - cleaning / rebuilding :(((

Now where did I put those up-to-date backups ... :)))

[User Picture]From: petersheil
2001-11-08 06:20 am (UTC)
The nice man from the IT support centre has fixed it all.

I'm still not quite sure hoe the original infection happened as it seemed to be
on the 2nd November when I was away in USA. It only started reproducing when I
ran the SQL Query Analyser - which had been infected. I guess my disk was too open
and that another machine infected it over the network. Anyway the PC is now clean and has the latest anti-virus software installed. Seems like today isa good day here :)))

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