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Today was "all change" at work. The plan had me going in to one client, releasing a new version of some software then going to another client in the same building and try to finally sort out a strange piece of hardware which isn't doing what it should.

Well I hadn't even started when I got a phone call from client two saying they had a problem and because of the operational impact it was "priority one" [get a work around NOW and get the underlying problem fixed only slightly later]. So I called in on them first to assess the situation. They have a new version of the system being written by another company and the parallel running has highlighted a difference which looked like the new system was right and the old one (ie the one I suppoprt) was wrong. A quick initial look seemed to indicate that yes it was indeed a problem in my system :( So I got the client to raise a helpdesk call (to get a reference number which, in theory at least, I have to have before I can do any work on a problem) while I go to client number one.

Here I install the software, which goes smoothly, run SQL code on the various databases I have to on the training and production servers and pass the copies of the release to the local IT support staff. Also, as the result of a phone call from my boss three levels up, checked out the patch level of two servers and SQL Server installations to ensure they are protected from all known viruses (we don't worry about the unknown ones :) )

Then it was back down to client two, investigate the problem and eventually find a solution. My proposal will require me to hack a production database (edit an insert trigger for the geeky amongst you) but both I and the client want to do this after the overnight backup has run so that if it all goes belly up we have a quick recovery option. You can tell I've done this sort of thing before because I worry about the backups before I do the work. Actually I've already had to edit this trigger procedure once before so it ought to be easy this time (yeah, right, where is that flock of pigs flying off to?)

So once again my plans change, instead of being in Cardiff (well actually it would have been Swansea) on Tuesday I'll be in London. After having a lot of problems getting a hotel booking last week I've already got a room booked for Tuesday and Wednesday nights - I'll see how Tuesday goes before I cancel as I might drive down late on Tuesday.

the rest of the week should be :-
Wednesday - Cardiff
Thursday - Swansea
Friday - leave - Heathrow area trying to take pictures of Concorde amongst the thousands of other people who'll be there for her last commercial flights *sheds small tear*
Saturday - more organising at my flat to get rid of stuff, maybe passing on my Mum's old Kenwood mixer and attachments. Also need to have a longer training run as this will probably be my last chance before the New York Marathon the following weekend.
Sunday - getting organised for the following week and dinner with Mum

I think that's all for now ... if not then I'll post again when I think of it :)

Peace to everyone

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